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It is a licensed facility granting local and international accreditation, specialized in achieving the highest quality standards in education and training for private and public institutions, we are in Etiquette of House is dedicated to presenting a high-level model of managerial performance Al Arabi, our pillar is based on training, management consultancy and human development.
Our goal Providing an integrated series of experiences, training and advisory services for managers specialists with a committed and effective performance characterized by excellence and interest, thus reinforcing our leadership in dissemination and exchange of international and Arab experiences.

In this video, advisor and etiquette expert Rama Al-Assaf receives the award for the best project related to public diplomacy for the year 2022 in Kazan - Russia.

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Our vision at Etiquette of House is to invest in minds and brains, a beacon of knowledge, integration in performance, leadership in development, has given us to be a distinguished and pioneering model in the quality of training management consulting and an enabling tool for the prosperity of society by assuming leadership in excellence and creativity.

Education directed by training and by creating a climate for intellectual excitement, competition, partnership and contribution in preparing future leaders in various fields and meeting training needs by offering programs
Professional conferences, training courses, and integrated workshops of high quality and leadership in research scientific and practical advice, creative consultations, creative expression, and active participation with the relevant authorities governmental and private to achieve the cultural development of human resources in the world, we are committed to quality, professionalism and professional ethics.

❖ Our strategic goal is to become the best choice in the region for human resources and training officials and clients in the public and private sectors, to meet their training and advisory needs through distinguished experts, lecturers, trainers and consultants.

❖ The spread of the art of etiquette, dealing, and practical and global protocols using the latest global methods
And the most accessible to the recipient of the service.

❖ Training people, raising their efficiency and expanding their horizons of knowledge in the art of etiquette and practical and global protocols.

❖ Cooperating with education centers and institutes, governmental and private organizations and bodies, and those who
Take care of adding new values ​​to society.

The Academy holds training courses by the best specialists, experts and trainers in the scientific, practical and global fields, with full knowledge of the principles and rules of the high-end model, to shed light on the innermost personality, highlight strengths and refine them, and help get rid of weaknesses.

Adding a distinctive and unique value to the Jordanian society to keep pace with the entire global community in progress, civilization and advancement.

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In this first academy in the Kingdom

we offer courses at the highest level of mastery and cooperation .. 


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