Rama Assaf

❖Academic and academic achievement ❖Bachelor of Counseling and Mental Health/University of Jordan
❖Diploma in Etiquette and Protocol from Harvard College (American)
❖Diploma in Strategic Planning from Harvard College (American)
❖Diploma in Diplomatic Relations and International Disputes from Cairo
❖Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration from Cairo

Entities that have been trained:

Ammon College of Hotel, Amman Chamber of Commerce,Union of Arab Academics and Scientists, Diplomatic Institute, University of Jordan, The American University of Madaba / King Abdullah Fund for Excellence, Swiss University of Business Administration/ Cairo, An initiative together we rise / the north region, Personal Training / US Kuwaiti Diwan, Oman/ Muscat Leading Company, Academic Trainers Association / Turkey, Personal training for the head of the Iraqi Diplomatic Institute

Practical Experiences :

❖Founder and CEO of House Etiquette Training Academy since 2017
❖Ranked as the fifth influential woman in the Arab Women Conference 2018
❖ A social researcher in the Family Protection Department of the public Security Directorate
❖Production Manager at Drosos, Switzerland
❖Public Relations Trainer
❖GBV Trainer
❖Sign language trainer
❖Trained in international etiquette and protocols
❖Family protection trainer
❖Adviser on disputes of an international character from the League of Arab States
❖Certified Arbitrator in the Federation of Brokers England
❖Certified trainer from Harvard College of American Training
❖Expert member of the Union of Arab Academics and Scientists
❖Member of the Board of Trustees of Nayoush Academy
❖A Class Member

Dr. Mohamed Al-Atoum

❖specializes in cyber security

Dr.Nabil Maqablah

❖ PhD in Private/Civil Law
❖ LLM Private/Civil Law
❖ Higher Diploma in Private International Legal Studies
❖ BA in Law

Excellency Mr. Bashir Ali Khalaf Al-Rawashdeh

❖Minister of Youth 2018
❖The Kingdom's ambassador to the State of Qatar

Dr. Muhammad Al-Atoum

International Commercial Arbitrator
❖Bachelor of Law
❖Master of Public Law
❖PhD in public law

Cognitive field (specialization):
1. Criminal law in accordance with the decision of the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission.

2. International law in accordance with the decision of the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission.

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